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Hard Candy unlocks the secrets of the traditional art of hard candy making, with easy to follow step by step instructions of how to create words and pictures in hard candy. With over 20 years experience in professional kitchens, Kaptonhook brings a fresh, inspirational, and enjoyable approach to teaching the 200 year old craft to new candy makers around the world. This 300+ page hard cover manual contains everything from equipment blueprints, ingredients lists and recipes, through to the making of letters, pictures and custom designs! A franchise of this type of business can cost over one hundred thousand euros.. this book covers what you need to know to do it for yourself and much more, at a fraction of the price, and of course, without the ongoing fees or royalties payable when you buy a franchise, saving you thousands of dollars, and giving you the freedom to make your own decisions in your business. Extract from 'hard candy'.. "this is a book written as an artist, for artists..designed to inspire, to motivate, to create a spark that hopefully will lead you on a new and exciting journey of discovery and creativity, fueled with passion and driven by the need to do it for yourself..and I hope that within these pages you find the instruction and inspiration to keep going and keep you working long into the night.."