Can't even believe that for 3 years we achieved so much. Thank you, Damian :) 
And here is the photo of the candy on the hook! We love the hook. Thank you Kaptonhook :)) 
Alona, Ukraine
This book is so beautiful!!! You must be SO PROUD of it.
I'm going read lots today and get ready!
Thanks Damian...so glad I found you!
Stacey, Boston
Stacey, Boston

First of all, thanks for your availability and kindness in helping me in this process :)
Ana, Portugal

Hi Damian,Thank you very very much for plans. You do great job (so detailed, organized plans! So great pillows machine!!!!!!)
Waiting for your new equipment (I wish I can afford it)
Kali, Naxos

Damian I did it!!!! I opened the door and the window and I sold many many candies. I think that tomorrow night I will close because my production will be finished! (I am kidding) I don't worry because I will be making and I will sell what I will produce. People where enthusiastic with this small shop and I understood that they appreciate that little scaled production. 
I am really happy because I finally love candymaking
Damian thank you very very much.
Kali, Naxos

hi Damian, I just received the your book today! You were totally right about it. Making candy is simple!
Lin, Montreal

Thanks a lot Damian, i am starting to understand what you meant by making candy is easy. Thanks again for everything man
Lin, Montreal

Hi! Demian
Thank you so much for making great efforts!!!
It looks  so  perfect to us. A little bit fast the process going however the guys will not have much trouble to follow the steps. Again we really appreciate your hard working making  videos and hope to see your next one.
Here is  good  news!!
They start selling  candies to friends and  almost ready to set up their new on line store.
Rachel, Korea